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Holland Lop Bucks

There is a real challenge to finding or raising herd bucks; a buck that will develop your herd into something that is the right balance of style and on the brink of perfection.  It can take years to piece the body parts together.  These are the Dwarfs R Us current Herd Bucks.  We hope to be heading in the right direction to the superior Holland Lop.  And of course,  add a spice of color for an extra bonus!   :  )

Our HL's will be listed on pedigrees as DRU Mary's ....DRU standing for Dwarfs R Us.

DRU Mary's Half Pint

  Pointed White 

 DRU Mary's Sterling (Siamese Smoke Pearl) X DRU Mary's Hesper (Pointed White)


DRU Mary's Tobias

Broken Tort

DRU Mary's Mercer (Blue) X  DRU Mary's Tiffy (Broken Tort)

1 leg -  BOSV of 16


DRU Mary's Joker

Siamese Smoke Pearl

DRU Mary's Mercer (Blue) X DRU Mary's Sara (Siamese Smoke Pearl)


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