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Dwarfs R Us Rabbitry supplies you with links to some other websites that we have found useful. Rabbit Clubs links you to more information about the rabbit raising habit.  Every rabbit enthusiast needs Supplies and show folks need special computer Software for record keeping.  Gotta Feed those bunnies and know how to Care for your Pets!  AND if you're shopping for bunnies,  or just like looking at bunny photos,  check out the Other Breeder links!

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American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club

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*********  Rabbit Breeders  ********

Here's a list of  breeder websites - the STATE located in -  and the breed or breeds they have:

A&M's Rabbitry  Maryland  Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs

B's Heavenly Holland Lops  Connecticut  Holland Lops,  English Angoras

Bunny Galore   North Carolina   English Lops, French Lops and Holland Lops

Bunny Lops Rabbitry   Georgia  Holland Lops

Camelot Rabbitry  West Virginia  Holland Lops

Carolina Pete's Rabbitry   North Carolina  New Zealand White

Champion Dwarfs    Ohio   Netherland Dwarfs

Chandini Rabbitry   Montana   Holland Lops,  Netherland Dwarfs,  Thriantas

Coin and Nelson  Colorado  Netherland Dwarfs,  Holland Lops

Dragonfly Hollands   Washington  Holland Lops

Dwarf Kingdom   Puerto Rico USA   Holland Lops,  Netherland Dwarfs

Eden Farms   Virginia  Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, Mini Lop,  New Zealand, and Mixed Rabbits

En-Gadi Rabbitry   Puerto Rico USA  Netherland Dwarfs

Em's Bunnies  Minnesota  Netherland Dwarfs,  Holland Lops

Feathers and Fur  South Carolina  Californian,  New Zealand, Flemish Giants,  Champagne D-Argents,  Rex, Holland Lops and Lionheads

Fisher Farms Rabbitry   South Carolina  Holland Lops , Lionheads,  & Netherland Dwarfs

Furry Fireside Friends  Pennsylvania  Holland Lops

Hamilton's Hoppin' Lops   North Carolina   Holland Lops,  Lionheads

Hippity Hopparties And More   North Carolina   English Angoras, American Fuzzy Lops, Dutch, Jersey Wooly, and Holland Lops

Holland Lop Hollow   Oregon   Holland Lops

Hunter's Holland Lops  Colorado   Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Himalayans

Kandy Land Dutches  Iowa  Dutch, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Mini Lop

Kayla's Rabbitry   West Virginia   English Spot, English Lops, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, & Polish

King's Gems Rabbitry  Tennessee  Netherland Dwarfs

Lops and More  Virginia  Holland Lops,  Mini Rex

Luv N My Critters   Virginia   Mini Rex

Lyle Creek Rabbitry  North Carolina   Jersey Woolies 

PJ's Rabbit Farm  West Virginia  American Fuzzy Lops, English Angoras, Flemish Giants,  Holland Lops, Mini Rex

Riemans Rabbitry   Ohio   Netherland Dwarfs

RoseLine Bunnies  Virginia  Holland Lops,  Jersey Woolies,  Mini Rex

Ruby's Rabbits  North Carolina  Holland Lops,  American Fuzzy Lops

Shady Branch Farm  Virginia Holland Lops

Stoney Brook Rabbitry  Ohio  Netherland Dwarfs 

THFSaynora  Pennsylvania & Virginia   Holland Lops

Wooley Boogers  North Carolina  English Angoras,  Flemish Giant,  Lilac

Wren's Sweetheart Bunnies Rabbitry  Colorado  Holland Lop, Lionheads and Netherland Dwarfs

Zele's Hollow   Connecticut  Netherland Dwarfs,  Holland Lops



  If you would like to add a link to our site,  please email us your information.  Include the state you live in and the breed of rabbit(s) you raise. 

 Note: Broken links will be removed from site as they are discovered.  If you redo your website and would like to be added again please let me know.

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